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I was born in Florence on 20 September 1972.
Much of what I learned really, I mean everything that "steeped into the cell," I learned from the music itself and the miracle of sound discoveries that can rise if something clicks inside, curiosity, enthusiasm, a sound that comes suddenly. I have a lot to thank my uncle, Antonio Mangani, painter, for his passion for music that in the long days of late spring / early summer of each year, since I was 5 years old, in the wonderful hills of the beautiful countryside of Montespertoli, he dosed me up on incredible amounts of vinyl from which I took benefit (unconsciously) of all the music from the 70’s and 80’s: Barry White, Alan Parson Project, Christopher Cross, Led Zeppelin, so much so that, as they became my mantra and the perfect foundations for every day events, I think they have "baptized" me more than any other sacrament.

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In 1993 I started studying vocal technique at the CAM (Centre for Music Activities) of Scandicci with Stefania Scarinzi, with whom I had a ‘royal’ experience studying: 
- Rhythmic vocal improvisation inspired by the American school of  Bob Stoloff.
- Instrumental use of the voice.



The choral experience was crucial. Many shades, many melodies, many opportunities and ideas, have enriched my voice, and my life. The extreme importance of listening (in general) and of listening to other voices in the group.

Since 1995 I joined the Vivavoce Choir directed by Stefania Scarinzi.
The repertoire ranges from jazz to funk to gospel.
On the piano we are accompanied by Gianluca Tagliazzucchi who also curated most of the arrangements.
In May 2002 we released our first album entitled Smada (for the German record label Splash).


For the track “I Persiani” (“The Persians”) we are supported by  Andrea Ceccon (leader of Voci Atroci, comic at the Colorado Café in past editions).

Thanks to the first formation of the female group"Novo Grupo Vocal", I deepen the study of vocalism in Brazilian Portuguese. The ensemble also directed by Stefania Scarinzi with Gianluca Tagliazzucchi on piano performed from 1996 to 2002 in traditional Brazilian music (Jobim, V. De Moraes, etc.).

In 2002 the Novo Grupo Vocal records the demo 'Vivo sonhando' (where I sang a solo).



From 1997-99 I was a soloist / backing vocalist for the orchestra conducted by Dario Cecchini, Ball-Room-dance Band. A disc of the same name was released during 1999. 
Always with Cecchini, I sang a remix (for Virgin) of one of the tracks on the disc of the Funk Off Street Band of which he was director.
Later I recorded two songs for his upcoming group album ISS Italian Secret Service (Irma Records)
‘Digital world’ and ‘Not the same’ which gives the album its title, was chosen for the compilation AMA LOUNGE 2. In this same period I was selected by Alessandro di Puccio who was looking for a lead singer for Les Italiens (a small gypsy jazz orchestra, for which the talented Francesca Taranto will later win the podium).


Another project dedicated primarily to bossa nova begins in November 2007- for a brief but intense period.
The A.G.U.A., quartet formed by Umberto Tricca (guitar), Gabriel Rampi Ungar (bass), Andrea Lovo (drums and percussion), and myself as the voice.
A remake of Barato total by Djavan
Smaller groups more or less erratic and casual have accompanied me during these years.

- Il nostro regno    (by Roberto Bassi)
- And I love her    (E. Cavalli al contrabbasso)



  • Jazz improvisation techniques (teacher: Sheila Jordan)
  • Brazilian percussion instruments; an afternoon learning about the main percussions of Brazilian origin (teacher: Dado Sezzi)
  • Vocal technique towards experimental effects; during the recording of the album Smada (teacher: Andrea Ceccon)
  • Brief participation in the 2nd level Jazz Master Class for vocal improvisation (teacher: Stefania Scarinzi at Il Globo Florence)
  • Choral singing a cappella, use of the microphone and of the voice for rhythmic improvisation effects (teachers: the legendary Swingle Singers!) in July 2004 at the Rozzi Theater in Siena.
    It's an exciting experience that sees me on stage with the masterful octet for a final rhythmic improvisation where I thank God ... "thank you God"!
  • “Nada Yoga the yoga of sound" (teacher Erberto Mario Marino, musician and teacher of Indian percussion, music therapist, crystal / Tibetan singing bowls, a great man!). Learning about Indian music and its scales is a revelation (Nada Yoga is one of the many variations of the discipline and was born in India).



Since 2012 I have undertaken a "journey in dubbing" which I am living with immense passion at Florence’s Arkadia dubbing records with the following teachers:

Teresa Fallai: actress, voiceover, speaker, singer.
Deals with voice production, articulation and diction modules, acting, character approach.

Simone Marzola: actor, voiceover, dialogue adapter, dubbing director.
Deals with the studio work, the use of the microphone, voice output and lip-sync, dubbing technique.
The exercises in the studio addressed the most diverse genres: cartoons, animated films, TV series, reality TV, cinema and all its variants .

Between January and June 2014 I took part in dubbing some episodes of the cartoon Mofy (on Rai yoyo), with the production of studio Misseri and the direction of Simone Marzola, giving voice to various feathered characters, guests of the series.


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