Guitar and live vocals

Color and charm of acoustic instruments

The charm of a singing voice accompanied by an acoustic instrument is indisputably unparalleled. Just think of Brazilian music, Spanish, gypsy and modern folk, pop and country to imagine the vast possibilities that these tools offer.
Revisiting popular songs, evergreens and recent successes in acoustic form creates a warm and friendly atmosphere, far removed from the classic piano bar players who increasingly hide behind backing tracks packed with fake instruments and standardisations. The guitar and the voice are two instruments with infinite shades and like all acoustic instruments are able to leverage an unlimited range of dynamics.
Volumes, timbres, expressions that once harnessed can render the sweetness of slow songs and convey the determination of rock songs.

Live pub music

The music genre is not your "classic piano bar", but that unplugged or "played live" without backing tracks.
The songs, selected from hundreds of Italian and foreign successes from different periods and music styles, are appreciated by a wide audience with extremely broad tastes.
The acoustic sound always creates a warm atmosphere allowing for people to drink, eat and speak without interruptions.
You will not find missing thumping moments thanks to our system of live synchronized rhythmic grooves, consisting of percussion samples.

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