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Welcome to our sound

Let us tell you a bit about ourselves: we are Enharmonik, an acoustic duo composed by Marco Caputo and Arianna Bucossi.

Individually active for over 20 years, we operate in every corner of the music industry: television, advertising, in pop and jazz music, as artists, original music composers, arrangers and session musicians.

For years we have been performing in live concerts in Florentine pubs also playing individually in different groups.

Our way of playing

Over recent years, the world of music and entertainment has become crowded with improvised "musicians", that thanks to technology and a small investment are capable of playing music through keyboards and sound generators.
Often one comes across keyboard players that "pretend play" an instrument that is turned off, posing as experts behind bases packed with standardised, and now boringly widespread, sounds.
The charm of music played live is definitely something else and fortunately is returning to reassert itself. Today the public is more aware and justifiably demanding of a quality that makes the difference.
Many times we have heard during a wedding cocktail the phrase: "finally, musicians playing!" Our style of music is not “classic piano bar” but unplugged or "played live" without backing tracks, with guitar and voice.
The guitar and voice are two instruments with infinite shades and, like all acoustic instruments, are able to leverage an unlimited range of dynamics.
Volume, timbres, settings, intentions, are shades of color that give expression, interpretation and life to music, they are colors that if used well can provide emotions, from the sweetness of the slower tracks to the determination of rock songs. The revisiting of popular songs, evergreens and recent successes in acoustic version always create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Special features of our performance

But the originality of our performance is given by the use of a special virtual percussionist.
It's called  Live Automation.

It is a unique system, manufactured by us, which transforms a laptop, remote-controlled by pedals, into a sophisticated groove machine.
Live Automation does not just provide a quick and easy way to use large libraries of MP3 bases, but also allows for the use of rhythmic groove WAV audio in the same way as the old drum machines.
This means that by using external pedals you can directly control the audio’s Start – Stop functions.
The rhythmic grooves made entirely in the studio, and thus featuring sound of the highest quality, can be started and stopped on tempo at any point in time during a live session. The result is remarkable; it gives the impression of a trio, and allows you to create poly-instrumental rhythmic sections otherwise impossible.

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