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Music Entertainment for Weddings in Tuscany

The music genre is not your "classic piano bar" but that unplugged or "played live" without backing tracks.
The songs, selected from hundreds of Italian and foreign successes from different periods and music styles, are appreciated by a wide audience with extremely broad tastes.
The acoustic sound always creates a warm atmosphere allowing for people to drink, eat and speak without interruptions, an important factor especially during the welcome drinks.

You will not find missing thumping moments. Thanks to our system of live synchronized rhythmic grooves, consisting of percussion samples, we play pop and rock songs just like a band.
For those who want to sing and do karaoke we are equipped with a laptop loaded with a large archive of backing tracks, complete with lyrics.
The backing tracks that we use are not MIDI files (bound by low quality tones) but real arrangements recorded in the studio and saved in digital audio format.



The succession of phases at a wedding reception’s is now a science. Each stage is well determined by events, waiters who perform precise steps, pleasantries, and appropriate music that like in a movie highlight moments to make them memorable. Years of experience have helped us to understand and select the songs that actually help to emphasize certain emotions related to current situations and eliminate songs that divert attention from the most important thing: the party for the newlyweds. We look in detail at the various stages of the reception.

Upon the arrival of guests, during the aperitif, we play unplugged music without backing tracks, but with guitar and live vocals.
Songs from various genres, pop, rock, folk, South American, able to please all musical tastes, at a rather soft, atmospheric volume, without disturbing the conversation.
The revisitation of popular songs, evergreens and recent successes in acoustic version creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Here come the newlyweds
Upon arrival of the bride and groom we play some welcome songs, with ‘love’ as the theme.
This musical interlude allows guests to greet the newlyweds, to take group pictures and begin sitting down for the wedding banquet.
The banquet starts: the first courses
From experience gained at many weddings, we do not recommend performing live music during meals.
The high volume disturbs, makes conversation impossible, and especially the poor guests who are seated next to the speakers must endure an annoying sound pressure.
For this reason we suggest our Music Menus, which consist of an extremely varied music compilation CD available in four main styles:

Pop Menu: this is a studied selection of successes, evergreens, varied in genres, styles and eras to meet the tastes of guests of any age. Extremely-pleasing to the ear, the Pop Menu is the perfect choice when the guests are particularly numerous and tastes are very uneven.

Jazz Menu: a fine selection of jazz songs, sung and instrumental, to create a magical and very soft atmosphere. This is suitable for smaller groups or for those that like the genre.

Classic Menu: the most famous arias of the classical repertoire, performed by orchestras or by the most prestigious chamber quartets. This menu is ideal for those who love classical music and want to create an extremely refined and prestigious atmosphere.

Lounge Menu: a unique and refined, modern and at times unconventional. Lounge, chillout, and ambient tracks, follow each other, creating a kind of new electronic age. The music is never invasive and always plays in a controlled background sound and helps to create a young and alternative atmosphere.

Between the first and main courses
At the end of the first course one often finds a break, more or less long, to allow waiters to clear and reset the tables, to replace missing cutlery, and to finish preparing the main courses. This break is when smokers head outside, the children run around the room and often the moment becomes a boring wait. At this stage we intervene musically, with a moment of involvement at a sustained volume, singing famous songs, involving people of all ages.

Time for the main course
For the main course we go back to subtle music; that is we continue with the CD compilation at a low volume and diners can resume eating without being disturbed. For those who want to create a moment of fun with karaoke, we get organised during this phase. During a wedding reception, looking at the layout of the tables and groups of guests, you can easily find natural aggregations that are created on the basis of relationships and friendships. A goal that we set for ourselves is to try to aggregate the guests. At this stage of the reception, an important task takes place: to set up groups of people, without forcing them, who wish to sing and dedicate songs to the newlyweds. We suggest fun songs that are easy to sing, trying to avoid singing soloists (unless specifically requested) and we set up the groups for the next phase: the group karaoke.

At the end of the main course
At the end of the main course the waiters return into action, as they not only have to clear the tables but also to set up for the cutting of the cake. This can last quite a while. Thus the music returns, as we play some famous songs in a more sustained volume. Then we continue with the previously organized group karaoke, which is fun for the sometimes-unusual choice of songs and for the spontaneous interpretations of certain tracks. It’s recreational and it aggregates people. The choice includes more than 400 songs, backing tracks recorded in high quality and available on our laptop, complete with printed lyrics. Sometimes even older relatives get together and sing a few songs from their youth. The result is hilarious.

Cake cutting
We have reached an important moment: the cutting of the cake. The bride and groom are ready and the attention of the room is all for them. Now we play some romantic music with guitar arpeggios and voice. The result is touching and very effective, a mixture of joy and emotion. Special tracks are selected for the toast and for entertainment.

Unmissable rituals
There are some moments that are now classics at wedding receptions, and obviously cannot be skipped. These include throwing the bouquet and the removal of the garter. For these events, we try to use appropriate music that makes these “games” more incisive and entertaining. Try to imagine how the removal of the garter, a moment of seduction and complicity between the bride and groom, could be more convincing with music like that from the film "9 and a half weeks." It’s no use denying it; the music always provides a valuable support to the many moments that are created during the reception.
Once the coffee arrives, the couple performs their first dance and opens up the dancefloor to their guests. In this phase we cover various genres and styles. With hundreds of danceable bases available, we start from the sixties and then go through to the disco music of the eighties up to the disco music of today. In our repertoire, depending on the type of audience and on the requests, we have at our disposal tracks for ballroom dancing, salsa, Latin and above all group dances.

The couple’s waltz
Surrender yourself to the classic of classics: the Viennese waltz for the married couple and guests.
The effect is impressive and also gives the parents and relatives the chance to dive into an old-fashioned dance as tradition commands.

Last dance and farewell
Around half past midnight, one o'clock, the dancing comes to an end.
At the end of the reception we always like to close with a nice piece with guitar and vocals.
It’s a moment that we share with the few remaining friends and always creates a warm atmosphere, like being around a fireplace.



An exclusive service

For the months from January to April and for the month of November to all couples who decide to take advantage of our music services we offer a special discount of 10%.

Also, if you don’t have musicians playing in church and you would like to have music during the wedding ceremony, we can provide for free a careful selection of music fit for purpose, that you can load onto a CD.
Or, if necessary, we can take care of the sound system, providing a person who will follow the ceremony and will take care of the necessary materials: powered speaker, mixer, CD player and radio microphone for the pastor.

This service is particularly useful when the ceremony takes place in the same room where the reception takes place.


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