Tools, setup and dimensions

Our instrumentation

Notebook DELL Vostro 1700
Centrino Core 2 Duo 7500 con 4 Gb Ram, 2 x 160 Gb HD
ExpressCard interface -> Parallel

LivePedal interface for remote rhythmic groove 
Live Soft software for managing groove and rhythmic bases MP3

Creative ZEN 2GB Multimedia Player with SD Memory card

Proel RM900 System wireless microphone

Focusrite Voicebox preamplifier for voice

Alesis Multimix 12R mixer 12 channels

Viscount EFX3000 pre and multi-effects for guitar

Lexicon PCM 80 Reverb

Gator flight case 8 units


Guitar Moreno MOD 560 Cutway

Classic guitar and D'Addario Pro-Artè chord

Korg DT-3 Tuner

Shubb Capotasto

AKG C5 condenser microphone

Shure BETA 57 A microphone

Audix OM-3xb microphone

Proel RM500M wireless microphone

FBT Light Force LF30A amplifier loudspeaker
150W rms | 60 Hz - 17 kHz | 120 dB SPL

PROEL supporti in alluminio per casse

Per ricevimenti al chiuso o con pochi invitati

FBT Verve 12A amplifier loudspeaker
300W + 100W rms | 58 Hz - 20 kHz | 123 dB SPL

PROEL supporti in alluminio per casse

Per ricevimenti all'aperto o con oltre 100 invitati

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